Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Update Wed Oct 23 11:58:08 CDT 2013


ANNOUNCEMENT I will be writing a new article sometime this month, or the first two weeks of November. It will be about a traditional bread-making technique. This technique breaks down gluten for those who are sensitive to it; then this bread develops a sour taste to it. And this bread has an extended shelf life. What am I talking about? I am talking about the wonders of sourdough bread!

This will actually be a two-part article about sour-dough and non-kneaded dough techniques. After I make such a dough I will start writing an article about it. What this means is that you can make dough without ever kneading it. This is nice to know because sour-dough is a pain for me to handle.

On Wikipedia it says that bread can be risen without any kneading. I intend on doing further research into this subject. So to summarize, here are the two main subjects of my next article on John's Corner: sour-dough and bread without kneading.

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