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I am a novice at book writing. That is to say I've never done fiction, that isn't right. I have not done GOOD fiction before now. I am new at this; even so, my story itself is certainly not new. You could say I had this novel stewing in my mind for a long time. For those wanting to kill some time, why not check this stuff out? I don't want to sell myself short: my novel is based off of a good idea—it's the execution that may need refinement. So without further ado, let me present my novel.

It is called The Adventures of the Masked Get-Evener. The story begins with two suited criminals breaking into a bank in the middle of the night. They use laser tools to silently cut into the back door, then they use a magnet to lift off the piece they cut out and go inside. The prologue is not very long, so if you want to know the rest, just go and read it. Down below is a list of currently finished chapters. If and when I edit the chapters on my "Word" document, I will update the blog post accordingly.

Here are the chapters I currently have on this blog:

NOTE: this box is used for encapsulating the copy and pasted text of my novel.

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