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About Me

My name is John Russell. I like to watch videos; sometimes I make them. Either way, I am curious about the art of video making. But I also have a vested interest in the topics covered in this blog: natural health, diet, science, and events relating to any video or other media-related projects I have. I understand programming, but due to lack of interest, I don't do it much. I specialize in Tcl/Tk, but I also understand C and C++. I used to know Perl, it being my first language, but that's history now.

About My Site

What should you expect from this site? If nothing else, expect a site that doesn't stir your emotions every which way. That can annoying, right? Right? Of course it can. If it is serious, I will treat it as such, but whether I consider it serious is based on a specific standard that I match up against everything I see or hear. As I see the need, I will expand on that topic; but for you, just know that my attitude will come through in the articles as off June 7, 2015.

With all that in mind, I hope you have a terrific day, check this blog at least once a month, and eventually you will see something new.

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