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CHAPTER ONE: Case of the Bank Crusade

 Yet another exciting chapter with the Avenger Squad Legion of Avenging People! The main heroes are introduced and the investigation is under way. As usual, let me know how this story strikes you!

CHAPTER ONE: Case of the Bank Crusade

Crime Details: Bombing of a bank and murder of a security guard
Victims: Haruto Sane, security guard
Gordon Johnson, CEO of Yozou Town Bank

"...So that's about the size of it", said Saitou.
Saitou Morizaki...he is a strict and disciplined leader who oversees two other men that help him solve crimes. Together, they are called the Legion of Avenging People. Saitou himself is around 6'2". He has light brown hair with green eyes, a lean build, and a round jaw with a pointy chin. He wears a gray suit with a black tie. He holds himself well, and together with his matter-of-fact speech, makes for a very poised leader.
"Man! That is the second time this month." Yuto said in disbelief. "This was, presumably, done by the same person! And they didn't even rob the bank—they bombed it! What is their deal?"
Yuto Amamiya...a goofy and whimsical man that is around 6 feet tall. He has a darker shade of brown for hair and blue eyes. He has a round jaw and chin. He wears a cream button-down shirt with a white t-shirt underneath that has black horizontal stripes. He wears blue jeans and black shoes.
Saitou replied, "indeed. There is clearly a connection between these cases because they exhibit the same behavior." He paused for a moment...then he continued in a questioning tone, saying: “but terrorist activity? Please!”
Yuto replied in confusion, “huh? Terrorist activity? What...?”
Yes”, Saitou answered. “This is, according to some, terrorist activity. But rather than create fear, I'd say there is a more material goal in mind...”
Saitou paused for a few seconds. Then after taking a breath, he continued: “According to the report, three days after the attack, two men robbed the store, and knocked out any guards who happened to be there; after which they ordered the clerks on the floor and they went into the safe...”
Saitou paused for another breath. Finally, he said, "and after all was said and done, the alarm was disabled, preventing a chase."
Taking a paper out, Saitou went on to say: "and it is similar to another incident that occurred late February. On the 27th, another bomb was detonated inside the Downtown Bank with the guard knocked out and defenseless. On March the 6th, a robbery took place in pretty much the same order as this one...yeah, that's the same person, or people, I should say."
Saitou explained he doesn't believe this is terrorism. Money is being taken, so this can be chalked up as armed robbery, the bombings notwithstanding. He went on to say that banks are bombed prior to a robbery that happens in quick succession. As that would not automatically prove the same people are involved, there is one other piece of evidence.
Saitou started to get excited; after all, he thought he had a lead. Still, he spoke in a mostly calm voice, saying: “security cameras indicate that the robbers may be the same people responsible for the attack.” Saitou finished with this, in a stoic tone: “now this brings us to our last point...”
Saitou paused one last time. He was always full of zeal when investigating crimes. Elated, he said, “have you noticed a pattern here?”
Yuto shook his head, to which Saitou replied: “the pattern is simple: the robbers bomb the bank and kill the security guard, then in short order, they rob the bank and knock out the remaining guards under daylight hours. A detail I left out is that the employees are held up before they can trick the alarm. Telephones are also disabled. Cell phones are jammed. These forward-thinking thieves are stealing a lot of money from just about every bank here in town. There is a conspiracy, I know it!”
Yuto thought it out for a moment, and then it hit him. Saitou's right! What sinister plot could they be scheming?


Shouto Taisan has just entered the door. This is the LAP headquarters: an office space with three rooms, covering 1177 square feet total. The main room, which is 900 square feet around, sports red soft carpet. It has a length of 45 feet, and a width of 20 feet. The entrance is at the southern wall, with two rooms divided by walls and their respective doorways. Straight ahead is the file room, 139 square feet. The second room, to the right if the entrance, is where tools are used to craft other tools, like cables for traversing chasms or other gaps.
When he got through the door, to his right were two tables pushed together on their shorter ends, creating a really long conference table. Saitou was on the far end of the table, letting things stew over in his mind, and Yuto was at the chair to his right, staring patiently. Behind Saitou was a white board. Shouto sat across from Yuto, and the exchange began.
"So guys, how's the investigation going?" Shouto asked in a casual tone, almost like he didn't care.
Shouto has red hair and brown eyes. He wears a blue cotton shirt underneath a green jacket with orange lining and a logo near the collar, on the right side. He also wears blue jeans and black shoes.
Saitou replied, "we figured out the attacks are connected and that the crooks are up to something, much more than just making money."
That's news to me. How do the robberies connect exactly?”
Saitou answered very curtly. “The bombings force the bank to close down; the robbers come in and knock out the people that are there. And how is this possible, you might ask? Because they can snipe people from nearby buildings. That's what I believe.”
Uh...that's rather specific. I don't suppose you have proof of that part about them sniping people? And does that include cops?”
Saitou replied, “While I can't say for sure, they do account for getting rid of potential witnesses somehow. Even in the case of severe property damage, at least the owner and security would be around if nothing else. By the way, what do you suppose they're using that money for?”
Shouto answered, "maybe they're using the funds for something dumb like a casino?"
I would like to think they're smarter than that. That much careful planning just to get gambling money doesn't sound likely. Besides, there aren't any casinos in town.”
"Well then," Shouto answered, "let us see what comes to pass. How about the usual wager?"
"Heh, haven't learned your lesson, I see..." Saitou pondered for a minute. "Very well, challenge accepted. Loser buys us pizza. We will see what that money is being used for!"
Yeah! We're having pizza tonight!”
Saitou replied, “actually Yuto, that's not the case. It's gonna take longer than that to get the answers we need.”
That poor disappointed Yuto! He went “aww”.
Shouto, confident as he was, said to Yuto: “relax Yuto, Saitou will treat us when this is over!”
And so our heroes have launched their investigation. Their first lead will be the owner of Yozou Town Bank, Gordon Johnson.

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