Monday, June 8, 2015

Masked Get-Evener: Prologue


This is the prologue to my up-and-coming novel. To make this short and sweet, my novel is basically like Dragnet: good (unbiased) cops going after nasty criminals and bringing them to justice. I start this novel on what I think is a good foot: with a crime. This crime sets off the events of first half of the story. Click the jump to begin reading.

EDIT Fri Jun 12 15:10:16 CDT 2015: Addition of italics and bold. Some sentencing is reworded.


The Adventures of the Masked Get-Evener

CASE 1: the Armed Robbery of the Town Bank


It was Saturday, March the 21st...It was a dark and cool night, when, at the Yozou Town Bank, two masculine shadows appeared at the back. Using a strange device, they started slowly cutting away a hole through the door. It was a oblong remote-like device that featured two prongs on the end with a red ball covering each tip.
After they cut the hole out they got out a wash rag and a giant magnet, and they pulled out the slab of metal, laying on the grass behind them. The rag dampened a lot of the noise. Then they went inside.
Through a door they entered into a large room with a table with video equipment in it. There were doors on both sides and a window across from the door. This was the security room. But the chair at the table was empty...the security guard had taken a walk.
The first man, Chou, was about 6'1". He had dark brown hair and gray eyes. He displayed a bulky build and square jaw. He wore a gray suit jacket with a white undershirt and black tie. He wore matching gray pants and black dress shoes. He was a well-dressed crook.
The second man, Eisine, was 5'9". He had a lighter shade of brown for hair, and he had pale green eyes. He was equally bulky, but with a more rounded jaw. He was garbed in a similar fashion, except he had a dark green tie. Both men wore very focused but intimidating expressions on their face.
"Okay," says Chou, "the security guard has taken his walk. He patrols around the building every thirty minutes, and then he heads back here."
Eisine replied, "Okay. So where do we go from here? And how long until that guard comes back?"
" takes anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes for him to return." After thinking for a bit, he added: "and we are going to attach this bomb to the desk in the lobby after the guard leaves. It is timed for 25 minutes, long after we have left."
"Uhh...that is not very specific."
"Sorry, it can't helped. That guard is a bit whimsical. He will skim over things some days, and others he looks everything over with a fine-toothed comb. I have no idea what mood he's in today."
"Argh...that is a pain in the—"
"Alright! Let's get going..."
The two men snuck into the corridor through a door on the left. The security guard, on the other hand, was in the lobby, looking over the clerical desk. As this was happening, they snuck over to the end of the long chain of desks.
After this, Chou whispered, "alright, this is where we deal with the guard." But Eisine retorted, "But Chou, isn't it too early?" At this Chou replied, "well, that's irrelevant now! This spot is where we put the you-know-what and we don't want to get held up by the guard, now do we?" Eisine agreed with him.
After this exchange they readied their weapons: a dart gun with a tranquilizer dart loaded in. "I know this seems outdated," said Chou, "but this way the guy will knocked out for hours while the bomb will explode in just 25 minutes. And shooting him would be risky. And the boss would not like that!"
After that, Chou shot the guard with the tranquilizer and knocked him out. Afterwards, Eisine planted the bomb under the desk and activated the timer. Chou then set his stopwatch. "Alright", he stated. "This is where we make our leave. Let's use a different route to avoid suspicion." And that is exactly what they did.
After 25 minutes the bomb detonated, and a large portion of the bank was demolished.

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