Wednesday, September 4, 2013

How I've been growing Basil


A quick follow up on my Basil article. I actually started growing some of my own Basil in my apartment balcony. I ordered my seeds from Granny's Heirloom Seeds. These were large leaf Italian Basil.

So far into September, I am still harvesting leaves. I sowed the seed around April 4th, 2013. I used a woven basket-looking pot with a plastic lining to prevent water damage, and to keep the dirt inside and trap moisture. I sowed the seeds and it took 30 days to start growing harvest-able leaves. This has to be the fastest herb around!

Let me clarify something: the article I've posted is a tad dated and in need of touching up. On top of that, I will eventually redesign the website by editing the CSS and the actual html in order to reflect changes in the mark-up itself. I'm currently in the process of converting to HTML5.

Meanwhile, here is what I've been doing during my absence. Aside from a lot of stuff that's happened, I started getting into gardening a lot more. Right now, I have one Basil plant and one strong French Marigold plant. In spite of its fungal infection, it is still blooming like crazy.

I will post a follow up article on how to grow Basil. It will be simpler, more to the point, and will not allow for any distractions. I'll also post my newfound knowledge o Basil.

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