Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The update that I will be making to my site will be an article in John's Corner (an article center that is about various topics). It will be under the Gardening Category. More about that later. The deadline for this update is May 30. I promise to post what I have done by that time, even if it is not finished.

Now more about that article itself. I have recently went into gardening as I have a strong interest in building up my body nature's way. Results prove that eating fresh food that has not been modified is, by far, the most effective way to improve your health. For your body's functionality is built upon what you eat. After all, food is your body's source of energy and nutrition, things that are needed for survival.

Consequently, my article will a be report on a certain type of plant that I have chosen. I have three plants, a sweet Basil plant, a Jet Star tomato plant, and the Firmament plant, with two seedlings. I will give them all due attention, but for now, I will focus on just one of these. At this moment, I have not chosen which plant, but, not to worry; I will have that done by morning.

Lastly, this will be a detailed report, which has all the necessary information. Things like habitat and the length of time, for example. Anyway, that is all for my announcements. If you have any advice on any one of these three plants, or if you wish to share information or opinions, feel free to do so in my comments. I like sharing my enthusiasm, whether I have a lot of it, or not.

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